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Preferred Alliance Is A Turn-Key Program; We Set You Up With The Collection Site, Lab, And MRO To Retrieve Your Results And Follow-Up On Any Test Results That Truck Drivers May Be Missing For Compliance.

About Preferred Alliance

Preferred Alliance Can Help Your Trucking Company!

When you manage a trucking company, road safety is a top concern and that includes routine drug testing.

This is where Preferred Alliance comes in, as we can provide advice to implementing routine drug testing or help larger companies keep track of truckers in multiple locations.

Preferred Alliance provides both DOT and Non-DOT drug & alcohol testing programs to help meet the needs of a large variety of clients.

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Why You Should Have a Drug-Testing Policy In Place

Preferred Alliance is based in California, providing services Nationwide, we provide drug testing to companies that need to be in compliance with federal, state and local laws. Employers tend to prefer to have an arm’s distance between the random selection process and the testing of their employees. This is to avoid allegations of tampering with the process, it is best to go through a third party drug-testing company, such as Preferred Alliance.

Federal law requires that truck companies provide so many random drug and alcohol tests a calendar year. This extends to owner-operators as well as employees. Preferred Alliance schedules and performs the drug and/or alcohol testing and makes sure it meets with federal standards. Preferred Alliance will also make sure that you are compliant with the number of drug and alcohol tests needed in a calendar year.

Trucking Company Drug Testing In California

Who We Serve

Preferred Alliance offers substance abuse-testing to a variety of clients all over the United States. We provide drug-testing for truck companies, including small ones that are owner-operated, and large ones with locations all over the country.

We offer services based on our client’s specific needs. Our staff will help set up a system that complies with state and federal drug testing regulations and also addresses any specific needs or concerns that you may have.

What We Offer

There are lots of advantages to using us for your drug-testing needs. These benefits include:

We are able to customize our programs depending on the needs of the specific client. A smaller company with only a few employees might only want basic drug-testing services, while a large trucking company with locations all over the country would have different needs and Preferred Alliance is there to meet those individualized needs.


Preferred Alliance is a turn-key program; we set you up with the collection site lab and MRO to retrieve your results and follow-up on any test results that you may be missing for compliance. Truck companies have enough to keep track of without adding one more thing. Once you set up a system with Preferred Alliance, we’ll do the rest.


At Preferred Alliance, we make sure to stay up-to-date on federal regulations and advise our customers accordingly. Our staff members are experts in the field and we know how important it is that we stay up-to-date so that you can as well.


Drug Testing Can Be Complicated. Let Us Help You.

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Who We Have Helped

Some Trucking companies also have seasonal programs which can be difficult to monitor. Preferred Alliance has handled this challenge very well. We have provided a compliant program for these seasonal trucking companies every calendar year.

Panella Trucking is one of the largest seasonal providers in the US. We have served them completely for more than 10 years.



“Merced County Schools Insurance Group has contracted with Preferred Alliance since DOT-compliance for our Member District’s commercially licensed drivers. The program has been seamless, and without exception, perfectly compliant and trouble-free.”

Terri Prichard, Merced County Schools Insurance Group

“DOT regulations are very complex with plenty of gray areas – one mistake can close us down. Preferred Alliance’s timely response and accurate information on how to manage the testing process has helped us achieve ‘letter-perfect’ compliance. We have had a great relationship for almost 10 years – there’s no reason to consider anyone else.”

Leroy Ehlers, Panella Trucking, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Preferred Alliance for our seasonal drug testing needs since 1998. In our industry, we place high demands on our testing providers for flexible scheduling, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing. Preferred Alliance has consistently exceeded our expectations.”

Mike Kilpatrick, Del Monte Foods

Choose Preferred Alliance. Your Trusted Nothern CA Drug Testing Administrator.

Preferred Alliance has been in the drug-testing business for more than 40 years, first as a third-party operator and then we became an expert on Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Because of years of experience, we are well versed in all the laws and regulations surrounding drug and alcohol testing programs and know how to deal with them so that our clients don’t have to. It is our job to make the drug testing process easier for you.

Preferred Alliance prides themselves on their reputation. We believe in treating our clients with dignity and respect. Drug testing is a highly sensitive subject and at Preferred Alliance we take our client’s privacy very seriously. If you are looking for a company with experience, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing, you don’t have to look any further than Preferred Alliance.

About Preferred Alliance
About Preferred Alliance

At Preferred Alliance, we offer programs that are mandated by the Department of Transportation, as well as extra services that are not, otherwise known as DOT and Non-DOT programs.

We work with our customers to make sure that they are meeting current laws and standards, but also to make sure that their individual needs are being met, which often means going beyond DOT-regulations. These services include:

  • Testing Panel for all DOT mandated substances

  • Policy review

  • Keeping employees up-to-date on drug and alcohol federal laws

  • Providing SAMHSA Certified Laboratories

  • Keeping clients educated and training on current regulations

  • Additional drug-testing beyond DOT mandates if the employer requests

  • Pre-employment testing

  • Designated Employer Representative Training for New DERs

  • Nationwide collection and testing facilities

  • Competitive pricing

We Are Here To Assist You in Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace!

We have satisfied thousands of clients during the last 40+ years. With our meticulous, fast, and effective drug testing protocols, we promise to meet the needs of your business. If you are a trucking company, no matter the size, and you are looking for someone to handle your drug-testing needs, look no further than Preferred Alliance.

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