Can I conduct random tests of employees?2017-09-23T21:45:26-07:00

DOT requires employers to conduct random testing. Minimum percentages are determined by the regulatory agency overseeing your organization.

For employers not regulated by DOT, state law will determine whether or not they can randomly test. Consult your legal counsel on any restrictions your state may have regarding random testing.

Is Preferred Alliance current on regulatory updates?2017-09-23T21:44:46-07:00

PA is the DOT subject matter expert. To stay current, our staff attends relevant seminars and conferences and attends annual conventions that provide regulatory updates. We’re members of DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association), and the Office of Drug Alcohol Policy & Compliance (ODAPC) notifies us directly of any changes.

What’s the first step?2017-09-23T21:44:14-07:00

For DOT-regulated employers, a written policy is your first priority.

Emulating DOT requirements is a best practice, so we recommend employers not under DOT regulations have a written policy and procedures in place prior to testing. That policy is the backbone of your testing program, and all employees required to submit to testing should receive a copy.

Where do we send employees for testing?2017-11-22T04:48:16-08:00

Our database has more than 40,000 collection sites throughout the U.S. That gives you access to multiple facilities in large metropolitan areas near your business.

How much does a drug testing program cost?2017-09-23T21:43:07-07:00

Employer needs vary, so PA tailors programs to fit your needs accordingly—whether you’re an independent local operator or have employees across the country. We pass on savings from preferred pricing negotiated with our vendors, offering competitive pricing with no hidden fees. If you are federally mandated to test, keep in mind that the civil penalties for non-compliance are extremely costly.

Can we test our employees for drugs and/or alcohol?2017-09-23T21:42:27-07:00

Yes. Every employer has the right to ensure a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

If you are not regulated by the Department of Transportation, we’ll help you develop a comprehensive drug-testing program, guide you through its complexities and custom fit it to your needs.

If you are mandated to test under DOT regulations, we’ll review your written policy and procedures to ensure your program is current.

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