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Do you know what training is mandatory? Are you taking advantage of the educational opportunities provided by Preferred Alliance? As a DOT employer with “Safety-Sensitive Employees” you are required to have all persons supervising covered employees trained for Reasonable Suspicion Testing.

As a Third-Party Administrator, Preferred Alliance is dedicated to adhering to regulations placed by the DOT regarding mandated training for your employees.
Do your supervisors know “how to take action”? We have helped DOT mandated employers across the country and we can help you with your company drug testing.

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How do you handle a situation where you must order a Reasonable Suspicion test for one of your employees? Do you know what to look for regarding altered behavior or performance levels of that employee? Drug testing, especially in transportation, is an extremely sensitive and safety managed arena. As supervisors, it becomes incumbent upon them to know how to handle those situations and that is why Preferred Alliance takes training for supervisors and your staff very seriously.

You may be asking how do I get my staff trained to meet DOT’s requirement for training? One way is to enroll your supervisors and/or company officials in a Supervisory training held twice a year in Lathrop, California. The training is proctored and it allows for a hands-on and interactive experience. Because of your type of business, the training would be focused based on your specific requirements that are mandated for reasonable suspicion testing; the classes are geared to your specific need.

California Supervisory Drug Testing Training
Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training CA

Also, for groups of 5 or more Preferred Alliance offers onsite training for supervisors and staff. We can have a trainer go to your location, we can arrange a schedule that works for you and your team. Even though you may have had this training before we recommend periodic refresher classes.

We can also offer online training as a standalone method. These meet all applicable supervisory training requirements of federal regulations.

As you can see the opportunities in how your supervisory staff is educated about Reasonable Suspicion testing is varied. By doing this, you are assured that your training is adapted to the specific need of your company. Preferred is here to assist YOU in meeting your training compliance.

We have the knowledge and understand the compliance issues that make us one of the Preferred (thus our name) TPA’s in the industry for drug and alcohol testing performance, management, and education.

Drug Testing Can Be Complicated, Let Us Help You!

The reports and testimonials we receive agree with our years of experience and success as a manager of drug and alcohol testing needs for private employers. Comments like “quality customer service and quick and accurate results” remind us why we do what we do.

For example, with motor carrier transport. (49 CFR 382.603)

This requires that any supervisor of commercial motor vehicle drivers needing a CDL shall;

  • Take 60 minutes of training on the symptoms of alcohol misuse.

  • Take 60 minutes of training on the symptoms of controlled substance abuse.

  • This training will allow supervisors to have confidence in determining if reasonable suspicion exists for testing of any employee under CFR 382.307.

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Different modalities have varying regulations on supervisory training and Preferred Alliance is geared to detail those training accordingly.  Find out how we can gear the needs of your company to what we offer.

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We Provide The Following Training Classes In Northern California

Did you know that Employers are required to training their drivers for controlled substance and alcohol testing under the regulations? There are 11 points that are required to be discussed. We have provided this training for employers onsite (usually with the Supervisor’s Training).

Here are the benefits of the onsite training:

  • Show the employee that you are under strict requirements to meet the DOT rule.

  • Allows employees to ask questions that they normally would not think to ask.

  • Learning about their responsibilities to the DOT and employer.

  • Learning about medications and the Medical Review Officer’s (MRO) role.

  • Help them understand the importance of the program and appreciate the experience.

Employers who take the time to educate their employees have the opportunity to get a close up view of what their employees are thinking and doing while on the job. You show to your employees that you care about safety and compliance.

Did someone change positions and they left you the “Box” of DOT testing responsibilities? It happens quite often where an employee is given this responsibility without any training and expected to do well. Not possible without education on this topic. That’s why we have designed an all-day course that captures the responsibilities and function of the DER.

Preferred Alliance also, holds our DER training twice a year in Lathrop, California, for those employers who are seeking a greater knowledge of the DOT requirements as it pertains to each modality.  Our head trainer is a member of DOT’s Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) and will provide you with the most up to date federal regulations on drug and alcohol testing.

Course Objective

The objective of the DER Compliance course is to provide instruction and resource material that enables the DER to:

  • Fully understand the role of the DER in the drug and alcohol testing process.

  • Define issues that arise during the testing process and what action is required of DERs.

  • Learn more about the DER’s relationship with other players in the testing program, including C/TPAs, collectors, MROs, laboratory personnel, and SAPs.

  • Ensure complete compliance with updated federal rules and regulations.

  • Better serve the employees they work with by being knowledgeable about the entire mandated drug and alcohol testing process.

  • Implement practical application of industry standards and procedures.

This is simply another component of how Preferred works to establish our relationship with your company. Federal regulations require that certain mandates happen as an employer deals with drug and alcohol testing needs.

Some Words From Our Clients

“Merced County Schools Insurance Group has contracted with Preferred Alliance since DOT-compliance for our Member District’s commercially licensed drivers. The program has been seamless, and without exception, perfectly compliant and trouble-free.”

Terri Prichard, Merced County Schools Insurance Group

“DOT regulations are very complex with plenty of gray areas – one mistake can close us down. Preferred Alliance’s timely response and accurate information on how to manage the testing process has helped us achieve ‘letter-perfect’ compliance. We have had a great relationship for almost 10 years – there’s no reason to consider anyone else.”

Leroy Ehlers, Panella Trucking, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Preferred Alliance for our seasonal drug testing needs since 1998. In our industry, we place high demands on our testing providers for flexible scheduling, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing. Preferred Alliance has consistently exceeded our expectations.”

Mike Kilpatrick, Del Monte Foods

Why Choose Preferred Alliance And How We Can Help You?

Because the needs are different for specific services and the regulations are constantly evolving, Preferred Alliance takes great measures to be cutting edge. What your company needs in dealing with drug and alcohol testing is where we come into the picture. You do not have the time to seek out the information on your own. And honestly, you do not want a haphazard approach to something this important and potentially life-changing for both you and your employees.

You can’t afford to not have in place a program that meets federal guidelines, keeps your employees and the public safe and free of litigation. The industry is ripe with legal cases simply because an employer did not do their job to provide for the safe transport of people or cargo. It is not an area you want to find yourself in.

Simply call us and let us know how we can help your business do what is right and necessary to provide for a safe environment through compliant drug and alcohol testing.

Because we take training so seriously for your company needs, you can rest assured we will not let you down.

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Supervisor Drug And Alcohol Testing In Northern California

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