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An Instantaneous Result Means Your Company Can Clear An Individual Whose Result Is Negative

About Preferred Alliance

Preferred Alliance is a true third party administrator in that handle the paperwork that a company needs to run and have a successful drug testing program. Many industries rely heavily on drug tests to maintain a safe environment and self-protection from legal contingencies.

Preferred Alliance maintains nearly 40 years of history in providing third party administration including drug testing for employers. We have served more than 3,000 companies that have been helped in administering and conducting drug tests of their employees.

Confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you for your employees. With that in mind, we provide strict adherence to only making known information to those who are on a need-to-know bases. This is the reason Preferred Alliance operates as one of the strongest and experienced drug testing programs in the country.

Although DOT requires drug testing on a 5-panel drugs screen, many employers see the need to look beyond the basics.

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Employers these days realize that drug-testing is a necessary part of their business operations. For example, Employers know that having a clean drug and/or alcohol test for their company operators will save them from future issues, including potential litigation. This is reason Preferred Alliance operates as one of the strongest and experienced drug testing programs in the country.

Although DOT requirements for drug testing on a 5-panel drugs screen, many employers see the need to look beyond the basics. Whether you have someone applying for work or already employed; Preferred Alliance will go the extra mile you may be looking for in drug and alcohol testing. We can customize a panel to meet your company needs.


These panels may include methadone, barbiturates, propoxyphene and semi-synthetic drugs such as Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Hydrocodone, and Hydromorphone. As you may already know, drugs are getting more sophisticated and trying to keep up with them is placing employers at a higher risk in the workplace.

In-House testing is not practical or lucrative for many companies. Keeping track of alcohol-related problems alone is more than what many companies can deal with from a practical standpoint. As a C/TPA, Preferred Alliance exists to help employers meet these growing challenges.


Why Choose Preferred Alliance?

On-site testing keeps costs down for companies. Saving money is very important when charting your business’s bottom-line. Our company has made it work with huge success. Employers have expressed tremendous appreciation for testing done in the convenience of their facilities.

40,000+ collection sites Nationwide: Preferred Alliance has capabilities to access a vast network of collection facilities across the country.

Because turnaround times are critical to getting the job done these days, a negative drug and/or alcohol result need to be available immediately. Preferred Alliance utilizes Point of Collection testing. Preferred Alliance has a history of over 50,000+ “quick tests” for on-site collection. An Instantaneous results means your company can clear an individual whose result is negative. For the non-negative result; it will be sent to a lab and MRO for review. Your company will receive a hard copy as well for record keeping. This means you have a few advantages:

  • Convenience

  • Instant Results

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Processing capability for hundreds of tests per day

  • Our program includes after-hours testing options.

  • We have several providers who travel to employer-specified locations.

  • A toll-free number is available 24/7 to provide assistance regarding the nearest collection facility or after-hours service.

40,000+ collection sites: Preferred Alliance has capabilities to access a vast network of collection facilities across the country.

Drug Testing Can Be Complicated.

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Types Of Non-DOT Drug Testing We Provide

Urine Drug Testing

The primary mission is to ensure that the employees are kept safe, as well as those around them on public thoroughfares. Maintaining safety through strict adherence to company policy. This includes both trucking companies and buses (school and church).

Alcohol Testing

Alcohol testing is a subsidiary of drug testing as consumption of alcoholic beverages is commonplace. DUI issues are important as statistics relate that driving and speeding issues are related to highly intoxicated individuals. We make sure your company is protected through testing including Alcohol Drug Testing using Evidential Breath Testing Devices.

Medical Staff Test Panels

The healthcare industry is ever changing and developing. Within the evolution of the industry is the open access of employees to drugs of all kinds. Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other medical facilities need to ensure they are protected. Including applicants for employment within these facilities, your company benefits extensively through third-party drug test administration.

Some Words From Our Clients

“Merced County Schools Insurance Group has contracted with Preferred Alliance since DOT-compliance for our Member District’s commercially licensed drivers. The program has been seamless, and without exception, perfectly compliant and trouble-free.”

Terri Prichard, Merced County Schools Insurance Group

“DOT regulations are very complex with plenty of gray areas – one mistake can close us down. Preferred Alliance’s timely response and accurate information on how to manage the testing process has helped us achieve ‘letter-perfect’ compliance. We have had a great relationship for almost 10 years – there’s no reason to consider anyone else.”

Leroy Ehlers, Panella Trucking, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Preferred Alliance for our seasonal drug testing needs since 1998. In our industry, we place high demands on our testing providers for flexible scheduling, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing. Preferred Alliance has consistently exceeded our expectations.”

Mike Kilpatrick, Del Monte Foods

How Your Company Can Benefit With Us As Your C/TPA

Preferred Alliance oversees a team of Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians and Proficiency Trained Collectors, which serves states with convenient onsite and offsite collection sites. Onsite testing has proven to be a huge savings for employers in recompensable loss time. A Drug-Free workplace will develop a higher quality service to greatly benefit your company. It does not matter the size of a company. Following a program of drug testing improves every level of operations within the business. No matter the department or service.

  • Reduce your employee absentee history. Employees that are not involved in drug and alcohol abuse prove to be more reliable and committed to their work. Having a program in place to test employees gives employers peace of mind to their staff reliability.

  • Performance levels of company staff is proven to be increased. A drug-free environment builds supervisory trust in productivity within the workplace.

  • Safety is greatly enhanced. Accidents among employees statistically drop considerably when everyone is 100% focused on their jobs.

  • Moral improves in a drug-free environment. When everyone knows that a level of commitment to drug-testing is in place; individual and group motivation develops daily.

  • Improved customer satisfaction is the ultimate result. How a company delivers and performs will extend to the level of confidence customers place upon your service.

Our Goal: A Drug-Free Workplace

Preferred Alliance understands the potential challenges of what is needed for an effective Drug and Alcohol testing program. Our history of efficient pool selections, meeting annual targets and establishing working relationships with thousands of satisfied companies, state-of-the-art recordkeeping and training are a few of the reasons why PA is a leader in Third Party Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs.

When you need someone one who knows how to handle your drug and alcohol testing program and goes above and beyond the mandates, Preferred Alliance is a well-known name in the industry. What is most important is that we maintain a level of control, quality and cost-effective services that benefit your company.

You cannot afford to have something happen that places your business at risk; legal or compliant. The “nuts and bolts” for establishing a practical approach to Drug and Alcohol Testing is why you need to contact us for your company’s safety and reputation. Call us and let us help you get established immediately with a testing program that brings you peace of mind.

Our customer service representatives are available now to get your company on the right track.

Non DOT Drug Testing In CA

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