Preferred Alliance Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Administration For DOT Compliance

Preferred Alliance Drug Program Administration For DOT Compliance

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Solutions – that’s what we deliver with our portfolio of end-to-end employer services. Whether you’re just starting with a drug-testing policy or require expertise to accommodate nationwide needs, Preferred Alliance can custom fit your company with turnkey solutions.

Our vendor partners are best in class for substance-abuse testing. What’s more, we monitor their activities daily to help keep your compliance risk at safe levels. And, we’ve negotiated preferred rates – passing on those savings to you.

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Preferred Alliance keeps up on federal regulation changes to ensure that companies maintain compliance throughout each calendar year. We support our clients by providing current training requirements with regards to their employees and supervisory staff.

Because we have over 40 years experience as a third party administrator adding drug testing requirements, along with our focused knowledge the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act, Preferred Alliance offers the necessary tools to educate and administer your drug-testing program. Click here to learn more about our Supervisory Training Programs.

Drug testing can seem intrusive but is required by DOT where transportation is involved. Because of the sensitive nature of drug and alcohol screening, Preferred Alliance considers maintaining complete confidentiality a top priority. It is for that reason we handle DOT drug screening administration with respect to the individual.

With that in mind, we go to great lengths to provide great savings with our vendors, access to our nationwide collection site network and advanced training for everyone involved. We pursue complete DOT Compliance while maintaining a convenient program for drug screening.

Benefits We Offer To Various DOT-Regulated Employers

  • Policy review/development. Preferred Alliance is the DOT subject matter expert. To stay current, our staff attends relevant seminars and conferences and attends annual conventions that provide regulatory updates. We’re members of DATIA (Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association), and the Office of Drug Alcohol Policy & Compliance (ODAPC) notifies us directly of any changes.

  • Pool updates. Random selection of employees to be selected for drug screening under DOT compliance. The testing under DOT specifies at a minimum quarterly testing, however, we offer monthly and bi-monthly as the employer deems necessary.

  • Random drug testing accomplished first. Alcohol testing will follow as a standard subset test of the Drug testing. A selection of drugs and a separate selection for alcohol is possible.

  • Monthly review of your company participant list. The Designated Employer Representative will receive a master list of their covered employees who are subject to the selection process. Each month a list of the random pool of employees is sent for your review. That way you can be sure your list is pristine and ready for the next random selection. Also, we offer you the ability to update your list online through “DPLive.”

  • Reminders for completion of random test each selection period. Each selection period Preferred Alliance, Inc. will review your activity and if a reminder is required as we get closer to the ending random period, we will send out a courtesy reminder to assist you.

Along with specific training for your company, our staff attends seminars and conventions allowing them to stay up-to-date with specific DOT requirements and mandates that come up every so often.

  • Supervisor Reasonable Training occurs at our headquarters for scaled and pertinent instruction on DOT mandates. We offer ways for your supervisors to meet mandated training requirements and are fully established in what they need to know.

  • Online training and proctored training classes on site for 5 or more. We offer an instructor that will come to your company and handle specific course for your supervisors.

  • Kaiser Training for DOT Urine Collectors (Scheduled through Kaiser Admin Dept.)

  • US DOT Transportation Safety Institute (TSI) (Associate Staff on site) -The TSI ensures that our primary instructor is equipped to handle your questions under DOT regulations.

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  • DOT Managed Information System (MIS) – Preferred Alliance prepares a client’s yearly MIS report upon request.

  • SAMHSA Certified Laboratories and MRO’s (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) – Preferred Alliance has contracts with various federally certified laboratories. Preferred Alliance also contracts with Medical Review Officers (MRO) that are certified by either the American Association of Medical Review Officers (AAMRO) or the Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC).

    Our MRO Service Provides:

    1. State of the art electronic transmission options including a service which allows access to information electronically or via the web, 24 hours a day.
    2. Links to approved SAMHSA certified laboratories across the country
    3. Expert Testimony
    4. Expeditious turn around times for drug test results.
  • Statistical Recaps – Preferred Alliance will work with the DER to obtain specifications for reports required by management in order to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and completeness of the program.

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Industries Where DOT Drug Testing Regulation Is Needed

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration


The primary mission is to ensure that the operators of commercial motor vehicles are kept safe, as well as those around them on public thoroughfares. Maintaining safety through strict adherence to safety regulations. This includes both trucking companies and buses (school and church).

Federal Transit Administration


Charged with overseeing the financing, safety practices and technical assistance to municipal transit companies. This would include city busses, subways, light rail, and trolleys.

Federal Aviation Administration


Deals with aerospace related industry. From aircraft to Air Traffic Control, airports, and more this agency deals with the safe and operational control of what happens overhead.

Federal Railroad Administration


Deals with intermodal transportation “created by the Department of Transportation Act of 1966. It is one of ten agencies within the U.S. Department of Transportation concerned with intermodal transportation.” Where the safe transport of goods or passengers over a rail system is involved, the FRA is the primary federal regulatory agency to oversee.

Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Admin


Handles the oversight of the safe transport of energy and other hazardous materials throughout the country. It is their mission to protect the people that work in these services as well as the general citizenry that might come in contact.

The United States Coast Guard


Under Homeland Security. Ensuring safe and lawful commerce to performing rescue missions in severe conditions. Nearly 42,000 men and women are actively serving in the Coast Guard to defend America’s borders and protect the maritime environment.

Some Words From Our Clients

“Merced County Schools Insurance Group has contracted with Preferred Alliance since DOT-compliance for our Member District’s commercially licensed drivers. The program has been seamless, and without exception, perfectly compliant and trouble-free.”

Terri Prichard, Merced County Schools Insurance Group

“DOT regulations are very complex with plenty of gray areas – one mistake can close us down. Preferred Alliance’s timely response and accurate information on how to manage the testing process has helped us achieve ‘letter-perfect’ compliance. We have had a great relationship for almost 10 years – there’s no reason to consider anyone else.”

Leroy Ehlers, Panella Trucking, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of working with Preferred Alliance for our seasonal drug testing needs since 1998. In our industry, we place high demands on our testing providers for flexible scheduling, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing. Preferred Alliance has consistently exceeded our expectations.”

Mike Kilpatrick, Del Monte Foods

Why Choose Preferred Alliance For Your DOT Drug Testing?

A third party that is neutral in administrating your DOT Drug and Alcohol testing frees up your time from any in-house necessity.

Preferred Alliance establishes the timeline for random selection of testing of your staff, we maintain the records that you have absolute access to and we ensure total confidentiality.

The cost for this service is competitive. What it comes down to is Preferred Alliance has an established track record with DOT compliance and your company’s reputation in the industry. Give us a call at (877) 272-5227 and let us handle all of your drug and alcohol testing compliance needs.

Our staff is dedicated and competent in answering your questions and providing a solution that meets your company needs. See how Preferred Alliance can work for you.

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We have satisfied thousands of clients during the last 40+ years. With our meticulous, fast, and effective drug testing protocols, we promise to meet the needs of your business.

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